The Laurier Macdonald Team

Our staff and faculty is dedicated to your teenager's educational success. Whether inside the classroom or out, they work very hard throughout the school year to make sure that she or he gets every opportunity available.

Should you need to contact any member of our team, feel free to get in touch with them using the contact information below:


Principal Luigi Santamaria lsantamaria@emsb.qc.ca
Vice Principal (A-K) Nicholas Romano nromano@emsb.qc.ca
Vice Principal (L-Z) Miranda Serrecchia mserrecchia@emsb.qc.ca

Secretarial Staff

School Secretary Anita Fiore afiore2@emsb.qc.ca
Secretary Anna Valletta avalletta@emsb.qc.ca
Secretary Lorella Venditti lvenditti@emsb.qc.ca

Student Services

Guidance (F-Z) Ana Santos asantos@emsb.qc.ca
Guidance (A-E) Rena Klisouris rklisouris@emsb.qc.ca
Substance Abuse Counsellor Gerry Tullio gtullio@emsb.qc.ca
Spiritual Care and Guidance Joseph Monachino epellicone@emsb.qc.ca
IB Coordinator Valerie Barnabe vbarnabe@emsb.qc.ca
Nurse Stephanie Fillion-Coulombe  
Social Worker Celina De Sousa celina.desousa.slsm@ssss.gouv.qc.ca

Teaching Faculty

Bolovis, Diana dbolovis@emsb.qc.ca
Bregiannis, Tom abregiannis@emsb.qc.ca
Canale, Cynthia ccanale@emsb.qc.ca
Casella, Elisa ecasella@emsb.qc.ca
Castonguay, Micheline mcastonguay@emsb.qc.ca
Caya, Annie Acaya@emsb.qc.ca
Chang, Dawon dchang@emsb.qc.ca
Chevrier, Cathy Cchevrier@emsb.qc.ca
Cousins, Paul Pcousins@emsb.qc.ca
Da Silva, Vanessa vdasilva@emsb.qc.ca
D'Addario, Michael mdaddario@emsb.qc.ca
D'Alessandro, Andy adalessandro@emsb.qc.ca
D'Anna, Andrew adanna@emsb.qc.ca
David, Monica mdavid@emsb.qc.ca
Dector, Steven Sdector@emsb.qc.ca
Della Posta, Mark mdellaposta@emsb.qc.ca
Desjardins, Sophie Sdesjardins@emsb.qc.ca
Di Genova, Jacklyn jdigenova@emsb.qc.ca
Fiore, Marco mfiore@emsb.qc.ca
Gibbs, Naomi Ngibbs@emsb.qc.ca
Gucciardi, Claudia Cgucciardi@emsb.qc.ca
Hejlek, Sylvie Shejlek@emsb.qc.ca
Kalliabetsos, George Gkalliabetsos@emsb.qc.ca
Kentouche, Moufida Mkentouche@emsb.qc.ca
Kuznetsov, Yury Ykuznetsov@emsb.qc.ca
Laplante, Hughes Hlaplante@emsb.qc.ca
Leger, Pamela Pleger@emsb.qc.ca
Lombardo, Anna Maria Alombardo@emsb.qc.ca
Macri, Vincenzo Vmacri@emsb.qc.ca
Magliocco, Francesca fmagliocco@emsb.qc.ca
Manago, Sonia smanago@emsb.qc.ca
Marcogliese, Lisa Lmarcogliese@emsb.qc.ca
Marino, Vanessa vmarino2@emsb.qc.ca
Pagano, Adriano apagano@emsb.qc.ca
Penning, Michael Mpenning@emsb.qc.ca
Petruta, Georgiana Gpetruta@emsb.qc.ca
Polifroni, Jessica jpolifroni@emsb.qc.ca
Polifroni, Melinda Mpolifroni@emsb.qc.ca
Trendadue, Amanda atrentadue@emsb.qc.ca
Villani, Sebastian svillani@emsb.qc.ca

Special Needs Technicians

Behaviour Technician Margot McNally mmcnally@emsb.qc.ca
Behaviour Technician Cynthia Romanelli cromanelli@emsb.qc.ca
Behaviour Technician Melissa Bentrovato mbentrovato2@emsb.qc.ca
Child Care Worker Oliva Sardelli osardelli@emsb.qc.ca
Child Care Worker Wa’an Farah Mohamed wmohamed@emsb.qc.ca
Child Care Worker Lorie Geller lgeller@emsb.qc.ca

Tutoring Staff

Campilii, Adriano Math acampilii@emsb.qc.ca
Della Posta, Mark History Repeaters mdellaposta@emsb.qc.ca
Nasiek, Adam Science Repeaters anasiek@emsb.qc.ca